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JAAS Vol. 24, No. 2, 2010 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Romantic Songs in Christian Neo-Aramaic as Preserved in Kurdistani Jewish Folklore: a Case of Cultural Borrowing
Yona Sabar

From Authors to Augurs: the Fall of Assyria in Classical and Cuneiform Sources
John MacGinnis

Book Review

Olga Kapeliuk: Selected Papers in Ethiosemitic and Neo-Aramaic Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Rainer Voigt

Hannibal Travis: Genocide in the Middle East: The Ottoman Empire, Iran and Sudan
Francis Sarguis

Excerpts from the Baboo Family Story: From Urmia, Persia (Iran) to Gary, Indiana Part I
Compiled by Donita Payne Baboo
Arianne Ishaya, editor

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section

Doorasha d’lishana bsima gaw Ooraita
Efrem Yildiz

 Partalta d’Tloow
Younan T. Patros d’Mooshabad

Quyama Mardootanaya
William Daniel

Khamra w Nepookhta
Younan T. Patros d’Mooshabad


Khakma Matlee
Baba Bet-Lachin

Dick Smith
Aprem David Yousip

Hal Eeman

Younan T. Patros d’Mooshabad


Syame Khate



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