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JAAS Vol. 24, No. 1, 2010 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

In Memoriam: Youel A. Baaba, (1929 – 2010).
Editorial Board 

Curriculum and Literacy in the Urmia Mission Schools
Dr. John Pierre Ameer

Some Further Letters in Syriac, Neo-Aramaic and Arabic Addressed to Eduard Sachau by Jeremiah Shāmīr
Dr. Rifaat Ebied and Nicholas Al-Jeloo

The Historical Roots of Contemporary Controversies: National Revival and the Assyrian ‘Concept of Unity’
Aryo Makko

Tel Hazor the Head of All Those Kingdoms: An Historical Analysis of Ancient References Attesting to the Importance of this Biblical City from its Canaanite Foundation to its Destruction by the Assyrians
Isaac William Farhadian

Book Review

George A. Kiraz (ed.), Anton Kiraz’s Archive on the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Dr. Michael Abdalla.

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section


Youel A Baaba Gow Sidra Mthomaya d’Atouraye la Mithnashyaneh
Youel A Baaba on the List of unforgettable Assyrians.
Daniel Benjamin


Tooneeta Atouraita b’Douyareh d’Youel A Baaba
Youel A Baaba and Assyrian Stories
Odisho Malko

Lishanan Swadaya w’Sipraya
Our Colloquial and Literal Language
Rabi Youarsh Haido

Nineb Lamasso

Marodouta Al Khobba Gneeza
Rebellion Against Hidden Love
Nِineb Lamasso

Khash-sha d’Hakarri m’Teleh
The Grief of Hakarri Arrived
Robin Beth Shmoel



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