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JAAS Vol. 23, No. 2, 2009 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section


In Memoriam

Mene Mene, Tekel uPharsin (Daniel 5:25)
Are the Days of Jewish and Christian Neo-Aramaic Dialects Numbered?
Dr. Yona Sabar

Assyrian Christians in English Fiction, 1849-1967
Dr. J.F. Coakley

On Typography in the Arabic and Syriac Languages and its Pioneers in the 16th Century
Dr. Michael Abdulla

The Female Voice in Rāwe: The Strive for Gender Equality
Nineb Lamassu

The Christian Pre-History of Turkish Hakkārī
Salam Rassi 

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section



In Memoriam

Boodaqa Tewilaya d’Zidqe Nashaye

Human Rights Declaration

Philimon Darmo

Qrayta Qalolta Gaw Ktawoona d“Lilyana”

Short Review of the Book “Lilyana

Gabriel Gewargis

Pirsinta d’Armonta

Adel Denno

Pithghame Damyatroota

Wise Sayings

Dِaniel Benjamin

N’sheli Illokh

I Forgot you 

Daniel Benjamin


A Prayer

Samir Khoshaba

Bahra Dmeekha T’khot Taraa

Light Lying Underneath the Door

Robin Beth Shmoel


Sapar d’dime’e b’orkha d’dimma

Journey of Tears on the Bloddy Road

Late Shlemon Ishoo d’Salams


Talyoota w’Shopra

Youth and Beauty 

Daniel Benjamin

Ta’la M’hadyana

Guiding Fox

Daniel Benjamin




Youarash Haido



Youarash Haido

Hoomasa d’Omta Atorayta

Heroic Poem of Assyrian Nation
Adam Daniel Hemeh

Syame Khate

New Books





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