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JAAS Vol. 23, No. 1, 2009 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Archaeology at Frontiers: Excavating a Provincial Capital of the Assyrian Empire
Dr. John MacGinnis and Dr. Timothy Matney

The Cult of Mart Shmunie: A Maccabean Martyr
In the Tradition of the Assyrian Churches of Mesopotamia
Dr. Michael Abdulla

Cuisine and Customs of the Kurds and their Neighbors

Dr. Mirella Galletti

Deep Waters: Death in the Perkins Family, 1834-1852

Gordon Taylor


A poem About the Murder of Mar Benyamin Shimon by a Contemporary

Dr. Eden Naby

Book Reviews:

John Pierre Ameer, Assyrians in Yonkers: Reminiscences of a Community

Francis Sarguis

Gordon Taylor, Fever & Thirst: An American Doctor among the Tribes of Kurdistan 1835 - 1844. 

Dr. Arianne Ishaya

Modern Aramaic (Assyrian/Syriac) – Dictionary and Phrasebook

Philimon Darmo

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section


Ri’yani ‘Al Qitre d’Hoogaya
Comments on Spelling Problems
Philimon Darmo

Sorgada Ator-Bawlaya w’Takhse d’Zoyakha d’Akito

Assyrio-Babylonian Calendar and Akito Festival

Gabriel Gewargis

Yimma yan Brata

Mother or Daughter (Story) 

Youel A. Baaba

Khda Khyarta ‘Al Datid

A Look on the Future 

Samir Khoshaba

Iggarta Qa Yimmi

A Letter to My Mother 

Daniel D Benjamin

Marge Qine

Green Meadows

Adam Daniel Homeh

Z’oore Wakh

We Are Still Young

Robin Beth Shmoel

Sawhoth Gazarta

Semi Island

Nineb Lamasso

Syame Khate

New Books





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