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JAAS Vol. 22, No. 2, 2008 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Modern Assyrian Proverbs and Idioms
Prof. Helen Younansardaroud

The Maintenance of Modern Syriac in Iran, after the Flight of Assyrians from Urmi in 1918 to 2007
Robert Paulissian, M.D.

The Evolution of the Short Story in Modern Assyrian Literature
Yoel A Baaba

Assyrian Printing Presses in Iraq During the 20th Century

Daniel D. Benjamin

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section



Hirge Al Lishana Atouraye Daraya
Studies of Modern Assyrian Language
Gabriel Giwargis

Beth Maamra d'Atouraye Min Qam Plasha Tewelaya Qamaya
Assyrian Motherland before World War I
Yoel A Baaba


Poqada d'Yimma
A Mother's Will

Yacoub Khananya

Akhton Eaton Milkha d'Araa
You are the Salt of the Earth
Alan Aldawood

Ba'in Psasa
I Seek Permission
Daniel D. Benjamin


Brata d'Atour
Assyrian Girl
Samir Khoshaba

Alaha Yahiw
God Gives
Translation from Mar Narsai

Book Review

Kattawe w'Awahate Etanaye Soryaye
Syriac Fathers and Writers
Helen Younansardaroud

Hogaya Al Grammatiqi "Malpana Atouraya m'Qadma"

Advanced Assyrian Teaching Book
Odisho Malko


Bein Saproota w'Tooras Mamla
In between Writing and Grammar
Odisho Malko


Ouqawa Al m'Aqwanoota
Comments of a Review
Philimon Darmo


Aha Ktawa
This Book

Philimon Darmo


Syame Khate
New Books





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