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JAAS Vol. 22, No. 1, 2008 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Suraye wa-Phrangaye. Late East-Syriac Poetry on Historical Events in Classical Syriac and Sureth
Alessandro Mengozzi, Ph.D.

Church Colony vs. Congregation: A Struggle for Control of the Church of the East in Chicago during the 1940s
Daniel P. Wolk

The Fate of Āzah: An Assyrian Town in Tur 'Abdin, Turkey
Michael Abdallah, Ph.D.

The Monastery of Mor Gabriel School During the Past Century
Markus Eurek

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section



Khamayta w'Mallapta d'Lishana Atouraya b'Iran min Bar Raqa d'Atouraye min Urmi
Preservation and Teaching  the Assyrian Language In Iran after the Assyrian Exodus from Urmi
Robert Paulissian, M.D.


Mit-tawranoota d'Shoeeta Gow Siprayouta Atourayta Khatta
Evolution of Short Story in Modern Assyrian Literature
Yoel A Baaba


Matb'ate Atourayate Gow Bet Nahrain b'Dara d'Isri
Assyrian Printing Presses in Iraq in the 20th Century
Daniel Benjamin

Rjamta Dimghalta
Stoning of the Journal
Issa Benyamin

Salme la Mitkhazyane
Unseen Images
Madeine Davis, Ph.D.


Alap Beth
Alpha Beta
Gabriel Giwargis

Gabriel Giwargis

Syame Khate
New Books



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