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JAAS Vol. 21, No. 1, 2007 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Remarks on the Historical Background of the Modern Assyrian Language

Prof. Geoffrey Khan

Assyrian Entries for the Encyclopedia Iranica: Benefits and Sources
Eden Naby, PhD

My Visit to the Yezides in the North of Iraq
Ephrem-Isa Yousif, Ph.D.

Christian Churches, Monasteries and Patriarchs in Assyria
George V. Yana (Bebla)

Book Review

Yelda, Rami, A Persian Odyssey: Iran Revisited
Reviewed by Francis Sargis

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section



Bosaya wakhzoqia Gow Mshokhta "Qinna d'Siryoqe"
Analysis of Poem "Branches without
Susan Yousip

Lishana Athoraya: Outhra Tarikhaya, Ourqale d'Qaim w'Go'lane Makkekhe
The Assyrian Language: Historical Wealth, Current Obstacles and Humble Suggestions
Nineb Lamaso

Ginsa Dashmahe w'Shommahe b'Lishana Athooraya
Gender of Nouns and Adjectives in the Assyrian Language

Philimon Darmo

Hal Eman Al Tar'ane
Until When We Should Stand on Door Steps
Issa Benyamin


Qa Gweeta d'Rookhi
To the Beloved of My Soul
Samir Khoshaba

Nahra d'Khabour
Khabour River
Samir Khoshaba

Shwoqli d'Azin
Let Me Go
Daniel Bet Benyamin

Syame Khate
New Books



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