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JAAS Vol. 2, 1988 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Why the Assyrian Academic Society?
Edward Y. Odisho, Ph.D.

The Contribution of Ancient Syrian Christianity to West European Culture
Arthur Voobus

Activities of Assyrian Academic Society

Artistic Activities

News about our Language

Letters from Readers

Memories of Fatherland
William Daniel

William Daniel

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section

Lishana Atooraya Est'oona d' Etootan
Bailis Shemon

Looqate min Youtranan Sepraya (included on the last page of  above link)
Mar Narsai

Sneeqe 'wakh L'mparshane
Ibrahim Yalda Ibrahim

Qaya w 'Tarpa Breeza (Sho'eita Krita)
Yousip Canoon

Looqate min Youtranan Sepraya (included on the last page of above link)
Bar 'Ebraya

Etooti Brita d'Qaya (Mshookhta)
Ibrahim Yalda Ibrahim

William Daniel

William Daniel

William Daniel: Mrabyana Mosiqaya
Sennacherib Ibrahim

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