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JAAS Vol. 20, No. 2, 2006 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Manuscripts for sale: Urmia, 1890-2
Dr. J.F. Coakley

“He Whom the Seraphic Angels Are Afraid to Gaze at”:
A Syriac Eucharistic Hymn Shared by the East and West Traditions

George A. Kiraz, PhD

Tales of King Abgar:
A Basis to Investigate Earliest Syrian Christian Syncretism

Emran El-Badawi

Book Review


Christoph Baumer, The Church of the East:
An Illustrated History of Assyrian Christianity

Reviewed by Arianne Ishaya, PhD

J. F. Coakley, The Typography of Syriac
Reviwed by Youel A Baaba

Saeed Nafisi. Christianity in Iran: Till the Rise of Islam
Reviewed by Arianne Ishaya, PhD


Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section



Tasheeta d’beth Sawba d’Asyouta d’Urmi,1881 - 1918
History of Medical College of Urmia, 1881 – 1918.

Dr. Robert Paulissian

 Eatoota d’bnai Umtan Atourayta b’Yawmana Gow bet Nahrain
Today’s State of Our Nation in Bet Nahrain

Daniel Benjamin

Moudi leh Lishana Athoraya r’Wee’aaya
What is the Fourth Assyrian Language?

Odisho Malko Gewargis

Riyane Pshete Al Baytayoota d’Lishana Souryaya
Clasikaya Am Atoutaya Khata
The Relevance between Classical Syriac and Modern Assyrian Languages

Philimon Darmo

Natoore d’Lishana w’Siprayoota
The Preservers of Language and Literature

Youel A Baaba

 Matle Ammaye d’Atouraye
Assyrian Common Proverbs

Daniel Benjamin


Sawbaya w’Sawa
A Graduate and an Old Man

Daniel Benjamin

b’Zawna d’Khobba lit Iddana
No Time for Love

Odisho Malko Gewargis

Khoona Kaldaya
Chaldean Brother

William Sarmas

Ya Marya
Oh God

William Sarmas

Inyana Am Shatta
A Dialogue With the River

Mishael Bet Patros


Robin Bet Shmoel

Syame Khate
New Books



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