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JAAS Vol. 19, No. 2, 2005 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Editorial Board

Some Aspects of Turco-Mongol Christianity in the Light of Literary and Epigraphic Syriac Sources
Pier Giorgio Borbone

Kirkuk: The Pivot of Balance in Iraq: Past and Present
Mirella Galletti, Ph.D.

Pages from the History of the Assyrian Agriculture in Al-Jazīra, Syria (1940’s to 1970’s)
Michael Abdalla, Ph.D


Book Review

Who are the Christians in the Middle East?


Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section


Kha Lishana Khaya Qa Kh’da Umta Khaita
One Live Language for One Live Nation?
Philimon Darmo

Shouhara Mamyitana
The Killing Pride
Youel A. Baaba

Youda’a Atouraya
Assyrian Media
Wilson Younan

M’deeta d’Arbil Atouraeet
The Assyrian City: Erbil
Odisho Malko

Ulsana Mareera d’Iraqaye
Daniel Benjamin


Kawate d’Libban
The Windows of Our Heart

Shakir Seifo

T’khome d’mdeeti
My City Borders

Aprim Yousip

B’Sawra d’dyartakh
In the Hope of your Return

Aprim Yousip

Syame Khate
New Books



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