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JAAS Vol. 17 No. 1, 2003 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

JAAS Calls for a Democratic Secular Government in Beth Nahrain (Iraq) 

The Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural Identity of Modern Assyrians 
Edward Odisho, Ph.D.

A Bibliography of Modern Assyrian (Neo-Aramaic Dialects) 
Helen Younansardaroud, Ph.D.

Adjectives in Assyrian Aramaic 
Dr. Zomaya S. Solomon

Book Reviews & Comments

"We are Assyrians"
A commentary by John Joseph Ph.D. 

An Assyrian Youth’s Journal. (Mikhael K. Pius)
A review by Gladys Warda 

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section


Sholtana Demoqrataya Ammaya gaw Bet Nahrain (Iraq) 
Democratic Secular Government in Beth Nahrain (Iraq)

Eatoota Tohmanayta w’Lishanayta w’Mardotanayta
d’Atooraye d’Yawmana. 

Edward Odisho, Ph.D., translated by Youel A. Baaba

Qitla Daqreeta d’Alqosh 
Alqosh Massacre

Rev. Shlemon Isho Khoshaba

Tlata Ealane 
Three Trees
Daniel Benjamin: Translation from English

Robin Bet Shmoel: Translation from Hebrew


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