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JAAS Vol. 16 No. 2, 2002 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section


A Heartfelt Thank You

Assyrian Loyalty and Devotion to Medical Profession:
Three Centuries of Bakh tisho'’s Family Service to Mankind 
Michael Abdalla, Ph.D.

Schools of the Church of the East. 
George V. Yana (Bebla)

Nouns in Assyrian Aramaic
Dr. Zomaya S. Solomon

Book Reviews & Comments

Thackston, Wheeler M. Introduction To Syriac
Reviewed by Philimon G. Darmo 

Sanasarian, Eliz. Religious Minorities in Iran
Reviewed by Sharukin Yelda 

A Commentary by George V. Yana (Bebla)
Regarding Arianne Ishaya’s article "From Contributions to Diaspora" 

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section

Eggarta d-qoobal Tayboota
A Heartfelt Thank you


Skhakhe Attiqe d-saprayoota Tewelaita 
Old Manuscripts of International Literature
George Isaac Gewargis

Qnayta d-Shimma Wantarteh 
Good Name and its Maintenance
Susan Yousip

Mashreeta d-Gailani 
Gailani Camp
Youel A Baaba

Oumta Atoraita Watrayanot Shimma 
Bi-Ethnic Name of Assyrian Nation
Odisho Malko Gewargis

Beethoven Mosiqoora Rabba 
Beethoven the Great Musician
Shlemon Bet Shmoel

Sloota Oumtanaita 
A National Prayer
Sami Bello


Timmal w-Da‘tid 
The Yester and Morrow
Sami Bello

Syame Khate 
New Books


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