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JAAS Vol. 16 No. 1, 2002 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section



Parpola: A Finn Scholar in Defense of the Assyrian Historical Identity 
Edward Y. Odisho, Ph.D.

The Leftovers of God and King:
On the Distribution of Meat at the Assyrian and Achaemenid Imperial Courts 
Simo Parpola, Ph.D

Curriculum Vitae: Simo Parpola: 

Kirkuk: A Historical Hub of Ethnic Diversity and Multilingualism 
Edward Y. Odisho, Ph.D.

From Contributions to Diaspora: Assyrians in the History of Urmia, Iran 
Arianne Ishaya, Ph.D.

We are Assyrians 
Odisho Malko Gewargis: Translation from Assyrian by Youel A Baaba

Socotra: The Mysterious Island of the Church of the East 
Stephen Andrew Missick

Book Reviews

Werda, Joel E., The Flickering Light of Asia
Reprint in 1990 by Assyrian Language and Culture Classes, Inc. Chicago,
Reviewed by Gladys Warda 

A Commentary by John Joseph, Author
Regarding John Ameer’s Book Review of

The Modern Assyrians of the Middle East 
In Memoriam: In Memoriam: Général Pierre RONDOT
Joseph Alichoran 

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section


Lishanan Youdaaya: Gilyonaya 
The Assyrian Media Language.
Mikhael Benyamin

Looqate min Siprayotan b’shoraya w’palga d’dara d’isrin 
Excerpts from our Literature in the Beginning and Mid of 19th Century.
Youel A Baaba

Shladda Gaw Aloola 
Corpse in the Alleyway of Fairfield
Benyamin M. Benyamin

Natoore d’Lishana w’Siprayoota Atooraita 
The Preservers of the Assyrian Language
Youel A Baaba

Gonkha w’nakhpoota 
Misdemenor and Shyness
Saeid Shemaya

Roushme d’shawroota 
Signs of Boyhood
Ramzi Hurmiz Yaco


Odisho Malko Gewargis

Noqshe Al Minne d’dokhrane 
Beats on the Cords of Memories
Sami Bello

Syame khate 
New Books

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