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JAAS Vol. 15 No. 2, 2001 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

Late Paul Davis Newey 

The Divine Liturgy According to the Rite of the Assyro-Chaldean Church 
Fr. Patros Yousif, Ph.D.

A Mesopotamian Look at the Bible: The Anxious East 
Joseph Yacoub, Ph.D.

Food in Mythology and Legends of Ancient Mesopotamia 
Michael Abdalla, Ph.D.

Book Reviews

John Joseph (2000) The Modern Assyrians of the Middle East:
Encounters with Western Christian Missions, Archaelogies, and Colonial
Powers. Leiden, Holland: Brill, 291 pages. 
Reviewed by Dr. John Pierre Ameer

Malek, Yousef, The British Betrayal of the Assyrian, Kimball Press,
Warren Pont, N.J. (2001 reprint of 1935 edition), 309pp+
Apendices/Bibliography/ Index, Preface, Intrto. Ilustrations.. 
Reviewed by Francis Sarguis.

Hans Hollerweger, Hans, TURABDIN: Where Jesus’ Language Is Spoken,
An illustrated trilingual volume in German , English and Turkish.
367 pp. Publisher: Freunde des Tur Abdin, Austria (1999). 
Reviewed by Sharukin Yelda, M.D.

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section

Rushme Attiqi b’lishana Aramaya Gawanay
Old Text of Aramaic Language
Efram Yildiz, Ph.D.

Rawi w’darmi: Pookhama m’shokhtanaya
Rawi and Darmi: A Comparative Study
Susan Yousip

Natoore d’Lishana w’Siprayoota Atooraita
The Preservers of the Assyrian Language
Youel A Baaba

Alpoota Khmishayta d’mashkakhta d’ktiwta
Fifth Milliennium of the Invension of Writing in Mesopotamia.
Odisho Malko

Tawoota w’Siryoota
Virtue and Vise
Youel A Baaba

Matlee Ammaye Atooraye
Assyrian Proverbs
Daniel Benjamin


Korkha Attiqa
An Old Hut

Gariel Elia Warda
Al ‘wadhaw Damshikha

The works of Jesus
Zomaya S. Solomon

Syame khate 
New Books

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