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JAAS Vol. 14 No. 2, 2000 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section


Welcoming a New Editor

Perpetuated in Tradition: The Role of Wheat Products
Michael Abdalla, Ph.D.

Mar Thoma: The Apostolic Foundation of the Assyrian Church
Stephen Andrew Missick

Inflection of Weak Verbs in Assyrian Aramaic, Part II
Dr. Zomaya S. Solomon

Contributions of Assyrians to Pre-Islamic Iranian Civilization
George V. Yana (Bebla)

Assyrian/Syrian Scholarly Activities in Sydney
Edward Y. Odisho, Ph.D.

From The Holy Mountain: A Journey Among the Christians of the M.E.
By William Dalrymple
Book review: Sharukin Yelda, M.D.

Not Even My Name
By Thea Halo
Book review: By Gladys Warda

Yesterday’s Children: Growing Up in Persia
By Elizaabeth Yoel (Youseph) Camplell
Book review: By Carol Karam Barkley

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Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section



Qayemanootan w’qitra d’Lishana Sipraya Omtanaya Mshawtpa
Our Present and the difficulties of Our United National Classical Language.
Rev. Shlemon Eshoo Khoshaba

Rokakha w’Qoshaya b’Karyatha
Introduction to Syriac Spirantization, Part II
George Anton Kiraz, Ph.D

Khda khyarta Al Shapperot ktiwta Atorayta b’dara d’isreen
Assyrian Calligraphy in the 20th Century
Madeleine Davis Moradkhan, Ph.D.

Taqtaqta Al Tar’ikh
A Knock on Your Door
Suzan Yosip

Natoore d’Lishana w’Siprayoota Atooraita
The Preservers of the Assyrian Language
Youel A Baaba

Booyaa’s d’Mar Benyamin Shimon
Eulogy of Mar Benyamin Shimon
Youel A Baaba


Odisho Malko Giwargis

Qitla d’Mardokh
The Assassination of Mardok
Odisho Malko Giwargis

Wa’da d’Zaookhot Dare
Celebration of the Coming Centuries
Sami Khariraya

Syame khate
New Books



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