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JAAS Vol. 13 No. 2, 1999 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section


Adoption in Ancient Assyria and Babylonia 
Dr. Robert Paulissian

Inflection of Guttural Verbs in Assyrian Aramaic. 
Dr. Zomaya S. Solomon

The Assyrian Church in the Mongolian Empire 
Stephen Andrew Missick

The Aramian At the Very Edge of the World 
By Georges Bohas
Book review: By George Yana (Bebla)

Assyrian Tales and Confessions 
By Mikhael K. Pius
Book review: By Francis Sarguis and Gladys Warda

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section


Tasheeta d’zoyakha d’rish sheta Khatta d’Atoraye w’Bawlaye (Part II) 
Assyrian and Babylonian New Year Celebrations (Part II)
Dr. Robert Paulissian

Tasheeta d’siprayoota Atorayta Khatta 
Assyrian Modern Literature
Daniel D. Benjamin

Nokhraya Gow Bayta d’ganeh
Stranger at His Own Home
Youel A. Baaba 

Matlee Ammaye Atoraye
Assyrian Proverbs
Daniel D. Benjamin 

M’parshanoota- Dashna d’Saybooty 
Book Review: A Present at My Old Age
Youel A. Baaba


Appeal for Aid
Rev. Oshana Kanoon

Wada l"yimmy 
A Promise to my Mother
Daniel D. Benjamin

Syame khate 
New Books

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