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JAAS Vol. 13 No. 1, 1999 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section

A Welcome to Five New Editors
Assyrian Language Maintenance and Erosion in U.S.: A World War I Immigrant Family Case Study
Professor Edward Y. Odisho
The Assyrians: A Historical and Current Reality
Professor Efrem Yildiz
Inflection of Strong Verbs in Assyrian Aramaic.
Dr. Zomaya S. Solomon
The Influence of Modern Persian on the Srd:rd Dialect
Helen Younansardaroud
Reply to John Joseph
Professor Richard N. Frye
The Measure of a Man:
The Life of William Ambrose Shedd- Missionary to Persia
By Mary Lewis Shedd
Book review: By George Yana (Bebla)


Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section

Haddme Khate d’seeta Sayomta
Tasheeta d’zoyakha d’rish sheta Khatta d’Atoraye w’Bawlaye
Assyrian and Babylonian New Year Celebrations (Part I)
Dr. Robert Paulissian
Libba shmeet a
Youel A. Baaba
Matlee Ammaye d’Atoraye
Bailis Y. Shamoun
Gow Awyoota d’kawsah
Susan Yousip
Mithyaszpanootha Baynat Lishana Soryaya w’Arabaya, (Part 3)
Daniel D. Benjamin
T’khoot Elana d’Gawza
Adel Danno
M’parshanoota- Ammora Treeda – Book Review
Youel A. Baaba
Ktawe khate


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