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JAAS Vol. 11 No. 1, 1997 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section


So it is now “Dr Solomon”

Voices, Moods and Verb particles
Dr. Zomaya S. Solomon

Nestorianism in Central Asia during the Fist Millennium.
Professor Maria Adelaide Lala Comneno

The Letter of John of Sedreh: A new Perspective on Nascent Islam
Abdul Massih Saadi

Christians and Moslems in Iraq: Nestorian Attitudes Toward Islam
By Benedicte Landron
Book review: Original review in French by Joseph Alichoran; 
Translated to English by Tay Sarguis

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section


Dorasha ‘Al Khoyada d’etateh 
‘Eta gaw lappe
Odisho Malko Gewargis

Sneeqi wakh l-khoyada omtanaya
Youel A Baaba

Purqana d-rookha 
Benjamin Gundelo

Shlimlan l’eta d’roumeh
His Grace Mar Yacoub Daniel

Khoyada aw sidqa omtanaya?
Emmnuel Y. Michael

Qarqarta d’la tkhouna
Daniel D. Benjamin

Niqwa: Parsoupayoutah preshta be’homasa d’gilgamish
Susan Yousip

Makirhanuta w-mishtakhilpanuta Gaw leshana atoraya swadaya
Zaia Nimrod Kanoon

Natoore d-omta (Short Story)
Youel A. Baaba

Matlee Ammaye d’atoraye
Daniel Benjamin

Min m’hadyanoota d-badri
Issa Benyamin


Peere d’khoba … Mawlada d-kewe
Sami Billo

Shawra soryaya
Sami Billo

Tanakhyate d-spadeeta
Younan Hozaya

Kweena Akha … w’kweena tama
Younan Hozaya

Ktawe khate

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