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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

bullet(07/29/2012): Search engine now works and even better thanks to Google custom search. Now you will be able to search content in the entire site including content in PDF format.
bullet(03/2012): Please note that due to the length of time it took us to gather and edit materials and be ready for publication, it was decided to combine the two issues of volume 25 into one issue.  
bulletWe are pleased to announce that we began posting the earlier issues of JAAS on the web. So far, we are making vol. 1 and vol. 2 available online. In the upcoming months, we will post the other issues online. Due to the limited facilities we had in our earlier days, we do not have electronic records of these issues. Therefore, for the sake of preservation, we have scanned these issues and it is the images that we are making available. Naturally, this method has limitations and the quality suffers somewhat. Also, the size of the files are larger than their counter text-parts in later issues.
bulletNew Books: In each issue of JAAS, when they are available, we announce the release of new books, Syame Khate, in the Assyrian section of JAAS. We are making this feature available on-line. Please visit out section New Books to preview some of the books that we had announced in previous issues of JAAS. We hope that this new feature is beneficial to both authors and web visitors who are interested in obtaining these books. We will update this page periodically as we have more information available.  
bulletSoon we will restrict access to JAAS online to paid subscribers only. Access will be granted to paid subscribers only through assigned username/password. The user name/password will be mailed to paid subscribers if we have their e-mail. We prefer sending this information via e-mail since it is the fastest and cost effective method. If you have an e-mail that you wish to send it to us, please do so. Click here to contact us with your e-mail.  We will send confirmation soon to all paid subscribers which our records have their e-mail.
bulletWe hope that you have enjoyed this free unlimited access to e-JAAS on line. Shortly, you will not be able to access these on-line documents without a paid subscription. As a paid subscriber, you will receive printed JAAS semi-annually and have access to e-JAAS. To subscribe, please click here.
bulletIf you would like to contact any of our editors, please visit the contact page for e-mail addresses.
bulletJAAS is pleased to announce that it has published several JAAS back issues on line in Adobe's Portable File Format (pdf). JAAS is also planning to publish all back issues on line. 
bulletFor a limited time only, every JAAS web visitor is able to view e-JAAS (electronic JAAS on line). Later, access to e-JAAS will be restricted to subscribed members only.


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