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Manuscripts and correspondence submitted in Assyrian and English may be hand written in legible manner and double-spaced, and mailed to:

Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies
PO Box 570177
Tarzana, CA 91357

Electronic submission of Articles: Articles may be submitted in electronic form in two ways:

  1. On a CD ROM (make sure the session is finalized)

  2. As an e-mail attachment document to:

Please follow recommended file format procedure below.


All articles, whether in Assyrian or in English, should have an abstract. An abstract should not be more than few lines. For some guidelines about writing an abstract, please visit this site for further instructions.

Policy and Procedures


All materials submitted to JAAS become the property of this Journal.


JAAS is a juried publication. Most materials sent to it for publication are reviewed by two or more Editors. In some cases, the Editors may seek the views of an outside referee.


The views expressed in JAAS are those of the article authors, and they do not necessarily represent the views of this Journal.


File Format & Page Properties

We prefer that you send us your articles in Microsoft Word 97 format (Word 6/95 format is also acceptable). If you are not using MS Word, you can send us your articles in Rich Text Format (rtf) that many popular word processors support. Please use these page properties as guidelines:

Top margin 1.5'' (all dimensions are in inches)
Bottom margin 1.5"
Inside (left) margin 1.75"
Outside (right) margin 1.75"
Main body text fonts Times New Roman, 11 Point
Foot notes fonts Times New Roman,  9 Point



bulletAll publication rights are reserved. No material, whether in full or in part, may be reproduced by any means without written approval of the Editorial Board


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