Journal of Assyrian
Academic Studies
JAAS Editorial Board


Robert Paulissian, M.D.

Editors (in Alphabetical Order)
Michael Abdalla, Ph.D.
Rifaat Ebied, Ph.D.
Philimon Darmo
Sargon Hasso, Ph.D.
Arian Ishaya, Ph.D.
David G. Malick
Francis Paz, Ph.D.
Hannibal Travis, Ph.D.
Efrem Yildiz, Ph.D.
Helen Yonansardaroud

Technical Editor
Atour Bejan

Board of Advisors
Vallo Benjamin, M.D.
Essa Benyamin
Walid Hindo, M.D.
Sharukin Yelda, M.D.
Youkhana Yousefi, M.D.





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